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Ken Zaroban
Ken ZarobanOwner / Solution Engineer
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Ken Zaroban has been solving pump applications since 1990. Ken has worked for a major pump manufacturer as an Application Engineer, Team Leader and Project Manager in two manufacturing plants. He has worked in the field as a sales engineer and manager for a pump distributor and a manufacturer. Ken has been involved in successful pump projects on five continents, in all markets, and reviewed thousands of system applications and specifications.

Ken loves the challenge of analyzing variables and specifications unique to every job, and selecting the optimal equipment for any project.  He has also upgraded existing equipment to meet new challenges, and studied many system issues in the field. Ken has led the diagnosis and correction of multiple pump vibration problems that had been recurring for 18-30+ years.

Ken holds a Plant Systems Certification from a nuclear power plant. He has completed Mechanical Seal, Specific Action Problem-Solving and Decision-Making, Global Awareness, and Situational Leadership training courses. Ken has volunteered and led the local school board, coached many youth sports, and served in church leadership.

A native Nebraskan, Ken has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  His wife Carla has had to listen to pump stories for many years, and his two grown sons have mostly been spared. In his free time, Ken enjoys church activities, golf, baseball, football, reading, travel, hiking, and his wonderful new granddaughter. He also tries to exercise, but does not necessarily enjoy it.


“Ken is a meticulous engineer with 30+ years of broad experience in most types of rotating equipment and industries. During our tenure together our business growth was significant, and end users / clients always migrated to him for advice and guidance.”

Retired - Director Flowserve Corporation

“Ken Zaroban, who I have known for over 15 years, has always been helpful and willing to assist on pump-related items including responses to technical questions, providing budgetary proposals and in bidding pump procurement contract packages that our firm has prepared. Ken has demonstrated a wide range of technical knowledge on all types of pumps. It is my pleasure to recommend Ken Zaroban to assist with solving pump problems, preparing pump specifications and assisting with startup and commissioning of pumps.”

Tom Shepard, P.E.,
Member & Director of Mechanical Engineering Dept.
Lutz, Daily & Brain, LLC Consulting Engineers

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