General Industry Case Study

The cooling water system was not supplying adequate flow for our plant, and we had to run a very costly additional chiller system when summer temperatures arrived.  In addition, the three new 300 HP vertical turbine pumps had to be overhauled after only two years of operation.

Ken Zaroban requested performance data on the pumps, and took pressure and flow data in the field for additional confirmation.   After studying the performance curves from the original pumps, Ken recommended rebowling all three units with a different pump model and curve shape.  He also used a low-NPSH impeller to limit pump cavitation.  We were able to re-use the existing pump discharge heads and motors, and avoid tremendous equipment and installation costs for new units.

We planned the pump modifications to be staged for a quick turnaround during our scheduled shutdown.  When the modified pumps were installed, we were able to achieve 175% of the previous flow in the system.  A pump was pulled for inspection after 7 years of operation, and it was still in good shape.  Ken’s recommendations have saved us a huge amount of money and time for over 12 years.



Maintenance Manager


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