Renewable Fuels Case Study

Our ethanol plant was experiencing decreasing flow and heating performance in a system using two large horizontal pumps rated at 6300 gpm each.  A consulting engineer had studied the problem and recommended larger pumps to double the flow rate.

We sent the request to quote new replacement pumps to Ken.  He questioned if we had added new loads in the system (nothing had been added).  Ken came out to inspect the pumps and system, and to gather data.

Ken requested performance information for a large downstream heat exchanger, and calculated that the flow capabilities of the existing pumps should be perfect for the system.  There was too much pressure resistance affecting the pumps, likely from fouling.  He recommended that the heat exchanger should be inspected, and cleaned on a regular basis.  The engineer we had used previously had miscalculated the flow requirements of the heat exchanger.  Problem solved with tremendous cost savings!

We have relied on Ken to estimate needs on new pump system applications and system upgrades for many years, and value his engineering expertise.



Maintenance Manager


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